Techniques & Processes

Adding gold leaf to a binding.

Adding gold leaf to a binding.

Education is a vital aspect to how we work at Praxis Bindery.  An email or phone conversation won't always tell the whole story.  Please use this page for peer into the world of bookbinding and see how it gets done.  Whether you are a curious client or a practicing bookbinder you will discover that there are no mysteries in bookbinding, only processes, which require skill and dedication.

Edge Gilding

Solid and rough gilding of book edges

Peter Geraty dorure sur tranche

Traduit de l’anglais par Jean-Pierre Durix, Dijon, France

Parchment Over Boards

The binding of books into parchment and vellum.

Praxis Bindery is a full-service bindery offering book restoration & conservation, limited editions, protective boxes, fine binding, design binding, presentation materials and more.
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